Cyber Security

Not a day goes by without a new data breach being announced or a company being the victim of cybercrime. Do you know what your blind spots are? Gain the valuable insight cybercriminals are hoping you don’t find. Discover in just a few clicks just how at risk your business is to cyber threats today.

Are You Cyber Safe?

Cyber Security

Boost Your Reputation

Show your commitment to security. Our services help in preparing for certifications and reassure your customers and staff about their data safety.
Cyber Security

& Continuity

Maintain business continuity and meet compliance standards like GDPR and Cyber Essentials with our data protection and security measures.
Cyber Security

Your Business

Stay ahead of cybercrime. We help you increase resilience, ensuring your data and systems are safeguarded against evolving threats.
Having a proactive cyber security stance delivers a lot of benefits to your business while also mitigating the risk of a cyber breach. Each business is different so we take a bespoke approach with each of our clients to fit their appetite for risk.
Cyber Security

Is Your Business Already Compromised?

Most businesses are completely unaware of how exposed they are or the threats they face. It could be just a lack of cyber awareness training for employees, or an IT engineer forgot to install the latest update. Maybe your business operates on old machinery using unsupported operating systems. Whatever it could be we recommend a complimentary cyber audit. Its quick, easy and comes with no commitment.

Our Cyber Solutions

Cyber Security

24/7 Threat Protection

You can count on us. We will be monitoring your IT systems every single day to ensure they’re as safe as can be.
Cyber Security

Identify & Mitigate

Our proactive security solutions identify threats to your business and mitigate those risks before they even become a problem.
Cyber Security

layered Approach

Traditional firewalls or antivirus software alone aren’t enough to protect your business from today’s threats. The best protection from cyber threats comes from multiple layers of security.
Cyber Security

Security Training

Your employees are your first line of defence. All it takes is one click on a dodgy link for a cybercriminal to wreak havoc. That’s why we offer comprehensive cyber awareness training to all clients.
Cyber Security


We guide you through the process whether its Cyber Essentials or other certifications. Being certified enhances trust with clients and suppliers. Let us fast-track your path to a secure digital stance.
Cyber Security

Pen Testing

We proactively uncover and help fix vulnerabilities, safeguarding your network against cyber threats, enhancing compliance, and maintaining customer trust. Secure your digital frontier today with our expert-led solutions.

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Cybercrime is lucrative and prevalent, and SMEs need to be prepared to ensure they can’t fall foul of any threats. IT security can’t be truly effective unless multiple solutions are implemented. There isn’t a day that goes by without a business being the victim of a data breach, hack or attack. There is no single solution to protect you from all the potential threats. The only way to truly protect your data, systems and people is with a layered approach. Layers of cyber security that each serve to protect you in a different way, which is what we do for our clients.

Client Testimonials

Cyber Security

Onyx has provided us with an excellent level of service over many years. Nothing is too much trouble for the team at Onyx and the speed at which they respond is very impressive.

As well as hands-on support and monitoring of our network, Onyx gives us advice and guidance on IT storage, systems, and back up and will always help us in choosing and setting up new computers and input devices – invaluable, as we no longer have that expertise in-house”


Cyber Security


Cybersecurity is very important to keep your business data and assets safe from hackers, data breaches, and other cyber risks. In this digital world, keeping your networks and data safe is essential for keeping your business honest, trustworthy, and able to keep running.
Of course! We know that every business has different protection needs based on its size, type of business, and risk factors. Onyx is an expert at creating custom cyber security solutions that are made to fit your business’s unique security needs and weaknesses.
As part of proactive tracking, your IT systems and network are constantly checked for strange behaviour or signs of possible security holes. This way of doing things helps find threats early, so risks can be reduced right away, before they do a lot of damage or cause data loss.
Onyx has a fast response team that is trained to deal with data breaches and other cyber incidents quickly and correctly. As part of our incident response services, we immediately look into what happened, come up with control strategies, and take corrective actions to lessen the damage and get security back to normal. We also analyse what happened after the fact and make suggestions for how to stop future leaks.
There are many good things about having Onyx as your managed cyber security service company. Access to experts and cutting-edge technology, low-cost security solutions, less work for employees, and peace of mind from knowing that pros are taking care of your cyber security are just a few of the benefits.
Onyx keeps up with the latest rules for protecting personal information and makes sure that all of our cyber security solutions follow the law. Depending on where you are and what you do, these rules may include GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI-DSS. Through strategic security practices and compliance auditing, we help companies stay in line with the law.