Environmental, Social Governance

Our commitment to Environment and Social Governance (ESG) reflects in our dedication to minimize the environmental impact while fostering innovation in IT. We understand the balance between technological advancement and its ecological footprint, and we’re committed to a sustainable future.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Our ESG policy outlines steps towards reducing carbon impact, emphasizing renewable energy, recycling, and repurposing IT equipment. Notably:
Environmental and Social Governance

Responsible Recycling and Disposal

Eco-friendly recycling and disposal of all unusable hardware, aiming for the least environmental impact possible.
Environmental and Social Governance
Repurposing for Impact
We redirect appropriate hardware to our Keyboards 4 Kids program, helping to provide refurbished technology for the educational benefit of children across East Anglia.
Environmental and Social Governance
Empowering Growth through Learning
We invest in training and development programs to offer every employee the chance to enhance their skills, embrace new technologies, and further their careers.
Environmental and Social Governance
Cultivating a Supportive Work Environment
We’re committed to creating a workplace that emphasizes open communication, feedback loops, and mental health awareness, ensuring a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all staff.
Environmental and Social Governance
Power Consumption Monitoring
We assist our clients in understanding and minimizing their carbon footprint through efficient energy use.
Environmental and Social Governance
Reducing Travel
Our preference for video conferencing over physical travel reduces our carbon footprint and supports our sustainability goals. Plus it saves our clients time so they can focus on their business.
Environmental and Social Governance
Recycling Initiatives
Recycling programs in our offices demonstrate our dedication to waste reduction.
Environmental and Social Governance
Digital Documentation
We advocate for electronic documentation to decrease paper use, supporting our environmental commitments.
Environmental and Social Governance
Eco-friendly Supplies
Our office utilizes recycled paper and promotes double-sided printing to minimize waste.
Environmental and Social Governance
Future Innovations
Our plans to install solar panels and update our fleet to electric vehicles underline our long-term commitment to sustainability.
We encourage our clients and partners to embrace these sustainable practices, contributing towards a greener future. Together, we can make a significant difference in the IT landscape, prioritizing the planet while leveraging technology.