GDPR Compliance Services

Understanding and implementing GDPR is crucial for businesses to protect personal data and comply with legal requirements. Our GDPR services provide comprehensive support to ensure your business is fully compliant and secure.

Why You Need To Take GDPR Seriously

GDPR Compliance

Legal & Financial Consequences

Non-compliance with GDPR can result in significant fines and legal repercussions, impacting your business financially.
GDPR Compliance

Customer Trust & Loyalty

Demonstrating commitment to data privacy enhances customer trust and loyalty, crucial for business reputation.
GDPR Compliance

Data Security & Integrity

Ensuring the most effective cybersecurity solutions, training programmes, certifications and tests are implemented bolsters your cyber resilience.
Ensure your business is not only compliant but also a leader in data protection. Schedule a GDPR consultation with us today to secure your operations and build trust in a data-driven world.
GDPR Compliance

How We Manage GDPR

At Onyx IT, our GDPR services are designed to simplify the compliance process for your business. We understand the complexities and nuances of GDPR regulations and provide tailored solutions that specifically address your unique business needs. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of your current data handling practices, followed by the implementation of streamlined processes and systems to ensure full compliance while maintaining data integrity. This proactive strategy not only safeguards your business but also enhances your operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on growth without the burden of compliance challenges.

How Onyx Makes GDPR Easier

Onyx IT simplifies GDPR compliance through professional consultation, automated tools, regular training, efficient data management systems, continuous policy updates, and support in establishing a dedicated GDPR compliance team.
GDPR Compliance

Professional Consultation & Services

Partner with GDPR experts for tailored guidance and solutions.
GDPR Compliance

Automated Compliance Tools

Implement software solutions that automate and simplify compliance tasks.
GDPR Compliance

Regular Training & Awareness

Educate your team about GDPR principles and practices to ensure everyone is informed and responsible.
GDPR Compliance

Data Management Systems

Use efficient data management systems to streamline data processing and storage in compliance with GDPR.
GDPR Compliance

Continuous Review & Update

Regularly review and update your data practices and policies to stay aligned with GDPR standards.
GDPR Compliance

Create a GDPR Compliance Team

Establish a dedicated team to focus on GDPR compliance, ensuring ongoing attention and expertise.

Client Testimonials

GDPR Compliance

We’ve been using Onyx for our IT needs for over 20 years and in this day and age any server or pc downtime can be costly for any business. The network set up, server back up and monitoring fits our business needs and allows us to concentrate on operating our business without technical difficulties.

Onyx have kept us up to speed with the latest operating systems, cyber protection and legislation of GDPR along with plenty of sound advice along the way. Any issues are logged online or by phone, dealt with speedily and often explained in layman’s terms which is always helpful!”

Broadland Windows Ltd.

GDPR Compliance

Ensure your business is GDPR compliant with Onyx IT

Our tailored approach and expert solutions make navigating GDPR requirements straightforward and effective. Contact us for a consultation and take the first step towards secure and compliant data management.


A group of rules called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) were made by the European Union to keep people’s personal information and privacy safe in the EU and the larger European Economic Area (EEA). Compliance is very important because it helps protect customer data, makes data security better, and keeps your business from getting fined a lot of money and having its image hurt.
At Onyx, we offer full GDPR compliance services, such as risk assessments, data protection effect assessments, compliance audits, policy and procedure development, employee training, and ongoing monitoring of compliance. Our goal is to make sure that your company meets all of GDPR’s standards quickly and correctly.
Onyx carefully checks your current ways of handling data to see if they meet GDPR requirements. This means looking over your data protection policies, processes, and practices, as well as the safety measures you use to keep data safe.
Yes, Onyx can help if there is a data breach. We offer instant response services that include breach assessment, notification, and recovery plans. We also help you put in place steps to stop breaches before they happen and make sure you always follow GDPR.
No matter where the business is located, it must follow GDPR if it handles or stores personal data of people in the European Union. This includes businesses of all sizes and in all fields that sell things or services to EU data subjects or keep an eye on what they do.
Onyx keeps you up to date on GDPR compliance through regular checks, reviews of your compliance programme, and changes to policies and training as needed. This helps make sure that your company can adapt to any changes in the rules or in how you run your business that could affect compliance.
Fines of up to 4% of yearly turnover or €20 million (whichever is greater) can be given for not following the rules. Not following the rules can also hurt your image, get you in trouble with the law, and make customers lose trust in you.