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Make the most of your people and your data, grow your operations at a faster rate than your costs. A growth focused IT mindset allows your team to focus on growth rather than mundane tasks.

Why Choose a Growth-Minded IT Approach?

Choosing Onyx IT means you’re not just investing in solutions; you’re investing in your future. We streamline your operations, freeing up your resources and time, so you can focus on strategic growth initiatives. Imagine a world where your IT is not a cost centre but a growth driver. That’s the world we create for you.


Our services focus on automating routine tasks which often consume a lot of time and effort. It not only speeds up your processes but also ensures accuracy and consistency. By freeing up your staff’s time they can focus on the business and driving growth.


We provide scalable IT solutions that grow with your business, adjusting to the changing demands of your business. This flexibility ensures that your IT infrastructure is always aligned with your business objectives.


We provide the latest and most advanced solutions, giving you a distinct competitive edge. We ensure that your business is leveraging IT to enhance productivity, improve customer experiences, and drive your business forward.


We optimise your IT infrastructure delivering solutions that reduce operational costs without compromising on quality or performance. Making sure you are getting the most from your systems.

Growth Services

Growth is a constant goal, and leveraging the right IT services is key to achieving it. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to propel business growth. These services enhance operational efficiency, open new avenues for revenue, and ensure that your business is equipped with the latest in technology and digital strategy.
IT Strategy & Planning (vCIO)
Microsoft Power Platform
Document Management
Hosted Telephony (VOIP)
Cloud Computing Services
Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
Digital Transformation Services
Network & Infrastructure Services
Software Development & Integration
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Services
Remote Work Solutions
IT Training & Development

Growth Services Includes:


IT Solutions

By tailoring technology to specific business needs, these solutions enhance operational efficiency and agility. This customization allows businesses to innovate, adapt to market changes quickly, and gain a competitive edge, fueling growth.


Cloud computing offers scalability and flexibility, crucial for growth. It enables businesses to access resources on-demand, streamline processes, and reduce infrastructure costs, allowing them to allocate more resources towards expansion strategies.


A vCIO provides strategic planning and expertise, crucial for long-term growth. They help in making informed IT decisions, aligning technology investments with business goals, and identifying opportunities for leveraging technology for market expansion.

Hear From Our Clients

Bill Cleyndert & Company

“Massive thanks to the Onyx team for your ongoing superb service and everything we have achieved together in 2018. Not just from a technical standpoint but the task management, personal attitudes and communication of everyone makes for Onyx being a pleasure to deal with.

Over and above the requirements of the day to day support we have managed to make huge advancements in the improving, organising & simplifying of hardware, software and strategy. The partnership of BCC and Onyx is a real success story – long may it continue!”



Onyx provides a wide range of services to help businesses grow. These services include strategic planning, market research, technology integration, digital transformation, and performance management. Our goal is to help businesses grow in a way that is efficient, lasts, and doesn’t hurt the environment.
Our experts do in-depth study on the market and your industry to find growth opportunities for your business. We look at competitive landscapes, market trends, and customers needs to come up with strategies that set your business up to grow into new product lines or markets.
A big part of our growing services is technology. We help companies use the newest digital tools and tech platforms to make their operations run more smoothly, connect with customers better, and be more productive overall. Our services for integrating technology make sure that your business stays competitive in a digital world that is changing quickly.
Of course. Onyx focuses on improving supply chain management, optimising processes, and introducing scalable IT solutions in order to help businesses grow. We make sure that the infrastructure of your business can grow with it without lowering the level of service or making operations less efficient.
First, we find out what your long-term business goals are and what your present operational capabilities are. Because of this, we can make custom plans that not only focus on specific growth areas but also work well with your overall business goals.
Our growth services can help businesses of all kinds and in many different fields. Onyx has the skills to help your business grow, whether you are a small startup trying to get a foothold in the market or a big company wanting to enter new areas.
A number of metrics and performance indicators are used by Onyx to check how well growth plans are working. Key performance indicators (KPIs), return on investment (ROI) analysis, and regular performance reviews help us keep an eye on progress and make sure that the growth tactics are working as planned.