Hardware Procurement

Ensure that your business operations are running on the right Hardware. At Onyx we provide expert guidance in acquiring the right IT hardware to meet your business needs while factoring your budget.

Hardware Procurement

Hardware Procurement

Tailored Solutions

We provide personalized recommendations to ensure the hardware matches your specific business needs, optimizing your IT infrastructure for peak performance.
Hardware Procurement

Cost-Effective Procurement

Leveraging our industry connections, we secure competitive pricing, helping your business save on IT expenditures without compromising on quality.
Hardware Procurement

Quality & Reliability

We prioritize high-quality and reliable hardware, ensuring longevity and dependability in your IT operations, thus reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.
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Hardware Procurement

Get The Right Tools For The Job

Our approach to Hardware Procurement is comprehensive and tailored. We begin with a detailed consultation to understand your specific hardware needs and requirements. This is followed by a thorough market analysis, leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships to source the best hardware options. We focus on balancing cost, performance, and reliability, ensuring you get the most value for your investment. Throughout the process, we maintain open communication with you to ensure that the selected hardware aligns perfectly with your business objectives.

Setup And Installation

Our Set Up and Installation services are designed to ensure your new hardware is up and running smoothly. Once we have identified and procured the ideal hardware for your business, our experienced technicians take over the process of setting it up. This includes assembling hardware, installing necessary software, and configuring systems to work seamlessly within your existing IT infrastructure. We focus on a hassle-free and efficient installation process, with minimal disruption to your daily operations, ensuring a quick transition to your upgraded systems.
Hardware Procurement


We pride ourselves on sourcing customized, reliable hardware. Collaborating closely with trusted manufacturers, we provide top-notch IT components. From servers to laptops, we’re your one-stop solution for business hardware.
Hardware Procurement


Rely on our expert technicians for seamless hardware integration. We ensure proper setup, from server racks to workstations, so you have a worry-free operational environment.
Hardware Procurement


Our dedicated support team is here for you, addressing all your hardware needs, from troubleshooting to maintenance and upgrades. We provide both proactive and reactive support so you can focus on your business success.

Client Testimonials

Hardware Procurement

I have personally worked with Onyx now for nearly 20 years from the inception of our first company and have helped us evolve over this time steering us in the right direction with all our IT requirements, taking the time to understand our business and what is important to us. Onyx have implemented solutions such as system monitoring which has meant that the majority of day-to-day problems are fixed before we even become aware of them. Both friendly and professional their knowledge base is excellent and I am looking forward to working with them for the next 20 years!

Spectra Packaging Ltd

Hardware Procurement
Ready to enhance your business operations with our tailored hardware solutions? Contact us now to start the process and experience a seamless upgrade with our expert setup and installation services.


Hardware procurement involves the sourcing, acquisition, and management of hardware resources necessary for your business operations. Onyx offers comprehensive hardware procurement services that include consultation, selection, purchasing, installation, and lifecycle management of hardware to ensure your technology meets your business needs.
Onyx uses a consultative approach to understand your specific business requirements and goals. We evaluate the latest technologies and leverage our strong relationships with leading suppliers to recommend and procure the most suitable and cost-effective hardware solutions for your organization.
Yes, Onyx specializes in managing large-scale hardware upgrades. We handle everything from initial assessment and planning to procurement, installation, and support. Our process ensures minimal disruption to your business operations while upgrading your systems.
Onyx can procure a wide range of hardware including desktops, laptops, servers, networking equipment, storage solutions, and specialized devices tailored to specific industry needs. We ensure that the hardware procured is fully compatible and scalable to meet the demands of your business operations.
Onyx provides complete lifecycle management of procured hardware, which includes regular maintenance, timely upgrades, and eventual safe disposal or recycling of outdated equipment. This approach helps maximize the value of your IT investments while maintaining high performance and compliance with environmental standards.
Partnering with Onyx for hardware procurement offers several benefits including access to expert advice, competitive pricing, streamlined procurement processes, and reliable after-sales support. Our service ensures you get the right hardware at the right price, all handled efficiently to save you time and resources.