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To manage the risks facing your business, you must first understand your vulnerability to cyber-attacks.

Cybercriminals are smart. But above all else, they’re opportunists. They are constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities to take advantage of any weakness.

It doesn’t matter if your business is large or small – your data is at risk without the right protection in place.

Not a day goes by without a new data breach being announced or a company being the victim of cybercrime.

Do you know what your blind spots are? Gain the valuable insight cybercriminals are hoping you don’t find.

Discover in just a few clicks just how at risk your business is to cyber threats today.

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The benefits of Onyx IT’s cyber security solutions



That the business functions and data that you rely upon are protected and always there.



Against cyber threats, ransomware and targeted attacks, 24/7.



You can be secure in the knowledge that your data will be safe and your business compliant.

Cybercrime costs businesses millions every year. It’s not worth the risk.

With outsourced Cyber Security management, you’ll have access to all these benefits and more:


Save money

Cyber security management is a smart business move. The risk of not investing now far outweighs any initial concerns or inconvenience. The financial and business implications of a cyber-attack are not to be taken lightly.


Future-proof your business

Set your business up for success by increasing business resilience. If your data and systems are protected from risks, and your staff trained, you’ll be future-proofed!


Boost your reputation

Let your staff, and customers know that you take cyber security seriously. Whether it’s prepping you for your Cyber Essentials certification or ensuring that you’re safe from sophisticated threats


Access to experts

Get rapid responses from a whole team of cyber security experts. We’re proud to say that our team are specialists with more training and expertise between them than anyone could hope for.


Support compliance

Data is your most valuable asset. Keeping it safe is not only important for your business operations, but it’s also a huge help when meeting GDPR and other data security regulations.


Maintain business continuity

Onyx IT will ensure your processes are streamlined with innovative IT systems. These will be managed and moderated to ensure you’re more efficient.

Worried about becoming a victim of a cyber attack?

You can rest-assured knowing we’ve got you covered.

Start reaping all the benefits of outsourced cybersecurity management today

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What is one essential function you need to run your business?

How long could you survive without it?


Cyber-attacks can significantly hinder a business’s productivity. If you experienced an attack that suddenly left you unable to access your critical data and systems required to run your business – would you cope?


The risk is clear and the cost is high. We understand that your data is your most valuable asset. That’s why we offer a free cyber risk assessment so you can be aware of your business’s vulnerabilities.

Want to discover your cyber risk now?

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Still not sure if cyber security is critical to your business?

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How does it work?



24/7 threat protection

You can count on us. We will be monitoring your IT systems every single day to ensure they’re as safe as can be.


Multi-layered approach

Traditional firewalls or antivirus software alone aren’t enough to protect your business from today’s threats. The best protection from cyber threats comes from multiple layers of security.


Identify threats; mitigate risks

Our proactive security solutions identify threats to your business and mitigate those risks before they even become a problem.


Cyber security training

Your employees are your first line of defence. All it takes is one click on a dodgy link for a cybercriminal to wreak havoc. That’s why we offer comprehensive cyber awareness training to all clients.



Why do I need IT security?

Cybercrime is lucrative and prevalent, and SMEs and SMBs need to be prepared and protected to ensure they can’t fall foul of any threats. IT security can’t be truly effective unless multiple solutions are implemented.

There isn’t a day that goes by without a business being the victim of a data breach, hack or attack. There is no single solution to protect you from all the potential threats.

The only way to truly protect your data, systems and people is with a layered approach. Layers of cyber security that each serve to protect you in a different way.

Why Onyx IT?

We put your needs first
We've got a wealth of experience
We partner with the best vendors
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