Clients Love IT Support from Onyx

Why do clients love workign with Onyx IT?

At Onyx IT, we take immense pride in offering exceptional IT support and service that keeps our clients coming back time and time again. With a commitment to rapid response and resolution, our friendly and helpful tech team ensures a positive IT support experience. Our clients value our clear and transparent invoicing, personalized service, and proactive approach to IT management. As a strategic partner, we align our IT support with your business goals, providing comprehensive technical solutions that cover everything from cybersecurity to cloud services. Plus, we add a sweet touch with doughnuts during onsite visits, making us not just a service provider, but a delightful part of your day. Experience the Onyx IT difference and discover how we can support your business. Here’s what they love about us:

  • Rapid IT Support Response and Resolution 
    Our clients appreciate the swift resolution of their IT issues. We prioritize speed and efficiency, ensuring that your operations continue smoothly with minimal downtime.

  • Friendly and Helpful Tech Team 
    Our tech team stands out for their friendliness and helpfulness. We believe in making IT support a positive experience, which is why our team is always ready to assist with a smile.

  • Clear and Transparent Invoicing 
    Understanding what you’re paying for is crucial. We provide clear and detailed invoices, so there are no surprises. Our clients know exactly what services they are receiving and the value they bring.

  • Personalized Service 
    We foster a family feel with our clients. By ensuring you often deal with the same person, we create a personalized experience where you’re more than just a number. This consistency helps us understand your specific needs and build a stronger relationship. Our vCIO process is central to making sure we fully understand your business to deliver the services you need.

  • Proactive Approach 
    Our proactive approach sets us apart. We don’t just react to problems; we anticipate your IT requirements and address potential issues before they become problems. This means fewer unexpected surprises and a smoother IT experience for you.

  • Strategic Partnership 
    We aim to be more than just your IT provider; we strive to be a strategic partner. We work closely with you to understand your business goals and align our IT support to help you achieve them. By making you aware of potential IT needs ahead of time, we ensure your business is always prepared.

  • Comprehensive Technical Solutions 
    Onyx IT is your one-stop shop for all technical needs. From IT support and cyber security to cloud services and hardware procurement, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive range of services means you can rely on us for all your IT requirements.

  • Commitment to Community and Sustainability
    We believe in giving back and making a positive impact. Through initiatives like Keyboards 4 Kids, we provide IT resources to schools, and our strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices demonstrate our dedication to sustainability and ethical business.

  • A Sweet Bonus: Doughnuts
    And finally, who doesn’t love a good doughnut? We bring a little joy to our clients’ day with doughnuts during onsite visits, adding a sweet touch to our exceptional service. 

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About Onyx IT
For over 30 years, we have been providing top-notch IT services and support to businesses in Norwich, Norfolk and the wider East of England, earning the loyalty of many clients who have been with us since the beginning. Throughout this time, Onyx IT has equipped technical teams to deliver exceptional customer service, continually adapting to the evolving technological landscape. We understand that every business relies on efficient and effective IT performance. Our proactive IT services, comprehensive support, and robust cybersecurity solutions have consistently exceeded client expectations across various sectors. If your current technology provider is falling short or neglecting your cybersecurity needs, consider Onyx IT as your ideal IT partner. We are dedicated to ensuring your business thrives in today’s digital world.

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