The Scary Home Network and how to protect your remote staff

We now live in a “work from anywhere” economy. While this creates new levels of flexibility for businesses, it also brings potential risks if your staff, devices and systems are not properly secured in the cloud-first method in which many of us conduct business today.

With many employees working from home, we need to take a good look at what’s going on in that home network and how different it is from the office network environment.

It’s a new world, with many new risks. Did you know that it was recently published that more than 330 people are hacked in the UK every minute? How many of that 330 are people working from home?

In an article from April of 2020, they write, “When employees take their machines home or use their home machines for work, those machines now sit in a physical and digital space unlike any within the office. Between routers, printers, foreign machines, devices, gaming consoles and home automation, the average home has a more complex and diverse communication and processing system than some small companies.”

The great news is that there are a lot of solutions on the market today that embrace a comprehensive security approach that can be delivered to all staff, all devices and all systems – and for less than you might think.

Protecting your staff and your data in this new world we live in doesn’t need to be scary.

Welcome to the work from anywhere economy. Businesses that embrace it have a true competitive advantage.

At Onyx we know how to bring your business into this new evolution in business, identify the risks that your business may be facing and assist in mitigating them.