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Posted by Onyx IT ● Aug 20, 2021 9:06:00 AM

Information Technology is something that every business, large or small, uses every day. If your IT suddenly stopped working, what would happen to your business? Your productivity and efficiency would certainly be impacted. To maintain IT solutions and systems, some businesses employ their own in-house technicians, but many struggle to have access to the resources and training required to maintain an entire IT infrastructure. This is where outsourced Managed IT providers like Onyx IT come in.

What is Managed IT Support?

You might have come across the term Managed IT Support already, but maybe you have been wondering what it actually means? It is a service offered by Managed Service Providers – or MSPs – to improve and manage the IT infrastructure of a business. MSPs, as the name suggests, manage the IT systems of your business, and remotely monitor your IT network 24/7 to keep your business up and running.

What services do MSPs offer?

MSPs look after a company’s IT infrastructure and offer many different services including: 

  • Full management of IT infrastructure 
  • Backup and Recovery  
  • Troubleshooting & fixing broken hardware and software 
  • Developing and delivering IT strategies 
  • Cybersecurity solutions 

Why do you need outsourced IT Support?

As a business owner, you’ll want to focus on your core business goals and ways to meet them instead of losing time and money on IT that isn’t optimised. Information Technology is a complex part of any business but by having a dedicated team of IT professionals it needn’t be. MSPs can assist you in reaching those business goals, while ensuring that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly.

What does that mean for your business?

By working with an MSP you’ll be able to cut down on costs as you don’t have to maintain internal overheads, and at the same time, you can enjoy reliable service from a team of experts as and when you need it. And that’s where Onyx IT comes into play.

Why choose Onyx IT?

Onyx IT has been providing IT solutions since 1989, and thanks to our longevity, expertise and experience over the years, we’ve helped various SMEs with their IT infrastructures. The relationship with our customers is our top priority, and we believe that trust, understanding, and customer service are values that every long-term customer relationship should be based upon.  

We want to help your business grow by looking after your IT infrastructure and tailoring it to your specific business goals and needs. The first step for every client we work with is to understand their business, because we believe that knowing our customer’s business in detail is essential to building an effective IT infrastructure. We want to understand how you work and evaluate what you need from your IT right now, as well as what you could need from it in the future. Based on these observations, we offer efficient, cost-effective and realistic solutions, which are tailored to your specific business needs. 

What Onyx offers you:

  • IT support via phone, remotely and on-site 
  • A dedicated relationship manager  
  • Friendly, qualified, certified and experienced technicians 
  • Proactive network monitoring  
  • Immediate support should things go wrong 
  • Cybersecurity Certification, Training and Solutions 
  • A team of trusted advisors, assisting Norfolk businesses for 30+ years  

Our team of qualified and experienced IT engineers are available 24/7 to support you with your entire IT infrastructure. Better yet, if you are looking for an IT support provider in Norfolk, we can even drop by your offices to offer on-site IT support.  

Get in touch to discuss your IT concerns and needs.



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