Navigate the world of wireless connectivity with our WiFi Mapping and Installation services. At Onyx we specialize in creating robust and efficient WiFi networks tailored to your specific environment.

Our WiFi Solutions

We are dedicated to ensuring that your wireless network is not just a connectivity solution, but a driving force for efficiency and reliability. Our service highlights include optimized coverage for seamless connectivity, high-speed and reliable internet access, and tailor-made solutions to suit your unique environment and requirements.

Optimized Connectivity

Ensure complete coverage with strategically placed access points.

Speed & Reliability

Experience fast, reliable WiFi tailored to your usage needs.

Customized Solutions

Personalized mapping and installation based on your space and requirements.
Experience the difference with our strategic approach to WiFi infrastructure, designed for superior performance.

How We Approach WiFi

Our comprehensive approach to WiFi Mapping and Installation begins with an in-depth analysis of your premises, leveraging advanced tools to ensure optimal WiFi coverage. We consider the unique architectural features of your space to strategically place WiFi access points, ensuring seamless connectivity. Our team stays abreast of cutting-edge technologies, including integrating solutions like Starlink for areas where conventional broadband is limited. This integration allows us to offer unparalleled internet speeds and reliability. We handle the entire process, from planning and mapping to installation and configuration, ensuring a robust WiFi network tailored to your specific needs.

Having issues with your WIFI?


Poor Connectivity & Dead Zones

Do you experience Wi-Fi dead zones or inconsistent connectivity in your office or facility? Our services can help by conducting a thorough Wi-Fi site survey and implementing solutions to eliminate dead zones and ensure seamless connectivity throughout your space.

Slow Internet Speeds

Frustrated by slow internet speeds affecting your productivity? Our experts can optimize your Wi-Fi network to deliver faster and more reliable speeds, ensuring your team can work efficiently without delays.

Network Security Concerns

Worried about network security and data breaches? We offer comprehensive security assessments and can implement advanced encryption and authentication measures to protect your sensitive information.
If you’re experiencing any of these common Wi-Fi challenges, don’t wait! Contact us today to discuss how our expert services can transform your Wi-Fi infrastructure, enhance your business operations, and provide a reliable, high-performance network.

Client Testimonials


I have personally worked with Onyx now for nearly 20 years from the inception of our first company and have helped us evolve over this time steering us in the right direction with all our IT requirements, taking the time to understand our business and what is important to us. Onyx have implemented solutions such as system monitoring which has meant that the majority of day-to-day problems are fixed before we even become aware of them. Both friendly and professional their knowledge base is excellent and I am looking forward to working with them for the next 20 years!

Spectra Packaging Ltd

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Onyx offers a wide range of WiFi services that can be customized to fit the needs of both small and big businesses. We can build, install, and run safe, scalable wireless networks. We can also do regular upkeep and fixing to make sure they work at their best.
Our WiFi options are made to make it easier for people to connect and work together in your office. When you have fast, reliable access, your workers can work together better, and your business can provide better services to customers, like smooth WiFi access, which makes everyone happier and more involved.
For Onyx, security is very important. To keep you safe from hackers and unauthorised access, our WiFi solutions come with advanced security, secure network access settings, and round-the-clock tracking. We also follow the most up-to-date security rules to make sure that your info and network are always safe.
Of course! We understand that every work setting has its own needs. Onyx is an expert at customising WiFi solutions that take into account your building’s plan, the number of users, and your unique connectivity needs to make sure that your whole facility has smooth coverage and performance.
The company Onyx uses cutting edge technology and planning methods to fix problems with WiFi reception in big or complicated buildings. To make sure there is full coverage and no dead spots, this includes doing thorough site scans, placing access points in key places, and using mesh networking technologies.
Before we start the process, we carefully look at your needs and the conditions of the spot. Then, we create a network layout that works with your place, and then we install high-quality equipment. Lastly, we put your new WiFi network through a lot of tests to make sure it meets our high standards for speed and dependability.