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Cloud Computing Services for your business

Delivering increased efficiency, cost-savings and outstanding collaboration abilities, isn’t it about time you moved your business to the Cloud?

For businesses looking to:

  • Streamline operations
  • Ensure safe, effective, fast remote working for their teams
  • Remove the necessity for expensive hardware maintenance and manual upgrades
  • Employ and implement more collaborative solutions

Find out more about how Cloud Computing Services, and how many years of experience and our way of working can help your business thrive.

Cloud Migration and Cloud Services optimisation

At Onyx IT we've been delivering Cloud services to small and medium businesses for many years. With our 30 years of experience as outsourced IT providers, you can trust that all of your Cloud requirements are in the right hands.

Our technical professionals can help you with all your Cloud essentials. From the initial planning of your Cloud service requirements to full Cloud migration projects – we can help ensure your transition and day-to-day working is smooth and trouble free.

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Collaborate and improve productivity

Providing the perfect Cloud Computing solution for more efficient working

The Onyx IT Cloud specialists will meticulously plan and prepare for your cloud migration. Ensuring the most fluid and logical structure for your files and cloud security is of the utmost importance. Our team will work with you to determine the right Cloud services for your business and ensure everything is set up, transferred, backed up and tested.

What’s the best Cloud Computing solution for your business?

There are many Cloud solutions to choose from, so our team will thoroughly investigate your needs and future plans to ensure the most effective Cloud solution is selected and configured. We provide hands-on support and are experts in the solutions of the top Cloud providers.

Microsoft 365

We’ll ensure your business is agile, and perfectly set up for remote working with the right Microsoft 365 solutions that suit your specific business needs.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud migration made simple. With our Cloud experts, Microsoft Azure can secure, protect and serve your data from the Cloud, on-premise, or both.

Amazon Web Services

With over 200 fully featured services from global data centres, the Amazon Cloud solution can provide innovate Cloud services to drive you forward.

What are the benefits of moving to the Cloud?

Your systems and solutions can be readily available from anywhere, laptops, mobiles, tables and on planes, trains and cars.


Improved Communications

With various business communication solutions available from all devices, staying in touch with your teams has never been easier.


Excellent Security

Although some cloud security is built in – additional security solutions provide highly effective features. Plus, the Cloud can simply roll back to retrieve your data.



Accessing your data from anywhere is secure and simple. For businesses with remote workers or multiple sites, ensuring your teams have access to the data they need, when they need it, is simple.


Complete Scalability

The Cloud is scalable, so you can utilise more storage for those peak times and less when it’s no longer required. Providing storage that reacts to your business needs.


First-Class Productivity

With all data stored in the Cloud it’s easy for your teams to collaborate, to find and manage files, track changes and updates. With everything unified and always online, productivity is improved.


Cost Savings

With no hardware to purchase, maintain or replace, businesses instantly save, and when things change, you can scale your Cloud services up or down as needed.

Hear from some of our clients



"I’ve been so impressed by the detailed understanding Onyx IT have about the complexities of our business, and what we need, to future proof our operation across Norfolk.  I’ve always felt that Onyx IT deliver our staff a bespoke level of service that’s so important. Ultimately, we are fit for purpose, agile and adaptive thanks to the careful management from Onyx IT. I would recommend the services to any company looking to modernise or step change into different solutions."


Spectra Packaging Ltd

"I have personally worked with Onyx now for nearly 20 years from the inception of our first company and have helped us evolve over this time steering us in the right direction with all our IT requirements, taking the time to understand our business and what is important to us. Onyx have implemented solutions such as system monitoring which has meant that the majority of day-to-day problems are fixed before we even become aware of them. Both friendly and professional their knowledge base is excellent and I am looking forward to working with them for the next 20 years!"


Signs Express Norwich

"Onyx have repeatedly been very swift to respond and to solve any IT issues we have had and I would recommend them every time. With a confident, knowledgeable and co-operative team, Onyx quickly get to the cause of any problem and many times they have actually resolved issues before we have been aware of them."

Start transforming your business with our Cloud Computing Solutions

We’re happy to help with any questions you may have about your Cloud solutions or Cloud migration —simply drop us a line or book a consultation with one of our IT professionals.

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