What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government scheme introduced in 2014 to address the gap in cyber defences within UK businesses. It was created following research analysing previous cyber-attacks on businesses in the UK, where it was identified that 85% of successful attacks could have been prevented if some basic Cyber Hygiene practices had been in place.

The Governments accreditation body for the scheme is IASME, they manage the Cyber Essentials programme in the UK, and manage and issue the certifications to businesses passing the scheme.

Why should my business get Cyber Essentials Certified?

Firstly, gaining the certification lets your customers, and your partners, know that you are investing in your business’s cyber security, which should be of paramount importance for all businesses.

In today’s climate, businesses need to ensure their cyber hygiene and security, and be able to prove it to customers, prospects, investors, stakeholders and suppliers. The Cyber Essentials scheme ensures just that, renewable every 12 months, achieving it is clear proof that your business has taken its role in data protection seriously. 



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Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus

Why should your business gain Cyber Essentials Certification?



Improved Cyber Hygiene


Proven Commitment to Data Security


Bid for Government Contracts


Streamlined and Tested Internal Processes


Reduced Insurance Premiums


Competitive Edge


cyber essentials certified

What does Cyber Essentials (Plus) examine in your business, and what is the Scope?

To achieve Cyber Essentials Plus, your entire IT Infrastructure is covered under the scope including processes, storage, partners and strategies, along with training and hardware.




Wireless Devices


External Services - Cloud


External Services – Other


Web Applications




Secure Configuration


User Access Control


Malware Protection


Security Update Management

What’s the difference between the two Cyber Essential standards?


Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is the ‘entry-level’, self-assessment certification, and all businesses should aim – at the very least – to achieve this standard.

Gaining Cyber Essentials offers companies many benefits as it displays to customers and suppliers your commitment to Cyber and Data Security, confirms dedication to protecting information, data and systems, and can set you ahead of your competitors.

Once attained, you can also tender for Government projects.

IT is at the heart of every business. No matter what industry you’re in, you need to know you have technology you can reply on. Your systems need to work effectively, your team need to be able to communicate efficiently, store and backup data effortlessly, and trust that they’re safe from cyber security threats.

With Onyx IT by your side, your business can expect to see a whole host of benefits.


Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus has the Cyber Essentials trademark requirements: the simplicity of approach, and the same procedures and protections you need to put in place, but for Cyber Essentials Plus, an on-site, hands-on technical verification is carried out.

You need to complete the online Cyber Essentials assessment as part of the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, and this must be completed prior to the Cyber Essentials Plus audit.

Once attained, you can tender for Government projects, and work with the MOD.

IT is at the heart of every business. No matter what industry you’re in, you need to know you have technology you can reply on. Your systems need to work effectively, your team need to be able to communicate efficiently, store and backup data effortlessly, and trust that they’re safe from cyber security threats.

With Onyx IT by your side, your business can expect to see a whole host of benefits.

Choose Cyber Essentials If:

  • You require a security certification demonstrating that you have key controls in place.

Choose Cyber Essentials Plus If:

  • You require an in-depth audit of key controls.
  • Your employees are working remotely, permanently, or as required.
  • If third parties have access to your premises or your IT.

If you’re still unsure which scheme is best for your business, please do get in touch, we can help talk your through the options and benefits. There’s also the option to gain Cyber Essentials and then decide if you require the additional certification. You can undertake Cyber Essentials Plus easily within 3 months of passing Cyber Essentials, any longer and you will need to undertake the full assessment again.

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Strategic business benefits of Cyber Essentials include

Certified, searchable 3rd party proof of your cyber hygiene

All cyber essentials certificates are listed on the National Cyber Security Centre’s database and, on their website for 12 months.

Tender for UK Government Projects

The ability to work with the UK Government.


Demonstrate your dedication to premium cyber security practices

As Cyber Essentials certification is an annual process, you will be able to test your cyber security practices and ensure you are up to date with their standards year after year.

Should you suffer a data breach or cyber-attack and you’ve not invested into your cyber security solutions, it’s highly likely that your company may not recover intact. So, although gaining a Cyber Essentials certificate confirms that you are taking cyber security seriously, it’s imperative that you don’t become complacent. Your business needs to continue to enforce the certification requirements and invest in complimentary solutions to better ensure the protection of your data.

If you

  • don’t invest in your cyber security defences
  • don’t follow best cyber security practices
  • and are not listed in the certificate search function for Cyber Essentials

it’s highly likely that you’re already a last choice on your prospects list of companies to work with, or, at the very least, to handle their data.

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Get Cyber Essentials Certified with Onyx IT

With Onyx IT, you have a couple of options:

  • We can simply process your application, should you be able to provide all the information required for both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Or if you prefer a more hands on approach, then we offer a guided process where we work with you to collect the information and complete the application on your behalf.

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Benefits of gaining Cyber Essentials Certification

Achieving Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus will let your customers and partners know that your business is taking the threats posed by cyber-attacks seriously, but you will also need to ensure that you have the correct procedures in place to manage, contain, recover and report on any cyber incident or breach. But there are other benefits too.


Achieving Cyber Essentials will deliver a powerful message to your customers and partners who trust you with their data and systems that you’ve taken measures to demonstrate your data security processes.


Being Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certified, will put your business head and shoulders above competitors who have not gained Cyber Essentials.

If you want to demonstrate your commitment to being cyber secure, work with other businesses, bid for central government contracts and work with the Ministry of Defence, then you need Cyber Essentials Plus.

Once either certification is achieved, you’ll also be listed on the NCSC’s database for 12 months.

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The National Cyber Security Centre’s research showed that


93% of certified organisations are confident that they are protected against common, internet-based cyber-attacks.


61% of certified organisations say they are more likely to choose suppliers with Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification.


Certified organisations are more likely to implement cyber security controls beyond the schemes’ five controls, and are more aware of the risks posed by cyber-attacks.

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Our cyber security and infrastructure experts will advise on the right technologies, assist, guide and manage your teams and processes to ensure Cyber Essentials can be achieved.

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